Smoking Meats

Welcome to Smoked-Meat. Here at smoked-meat we take smoking meats and food to a whole new level. One of the things you will see here is how we challenge you to think outside the box. Many people have joined our community with no smoking, grilling, or BBQ skills what so ever and in just a short time they are the envy of the neighborhood.

Not only will we will teach you how to barbecue and smoke meats the correct way, but the safest way as well. So don't be intimidated by your grill or the bbq smoker; jump on board and let us help you enjoy cooking outdoors spending time with friends and family.

Smoking pork ribs are one of the backyard pitmasters favorite slabs of meat to smoke or grill. It is not as hard as one would think. Just click on the image and check out the basic tutorial on how to smoke or grill 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 BBQ ribs.


King of all smoked meats and a Texas favorite is the Brisket. whether you smoke the flat, point or the whole packer. Even if you have never smoked a brisket you can read this basic tutorial on how to achieve the best brisket possible. Always remember Low & Slow is the best way to have some of the most tender and juicy barbecue.


Smoked-Meat is your How To barbecue, smoking meats and more home. We can teach you how to kick out some of the best BBQ Ribs, BBQ Brisket, Smoked Chicken, Pulled Pork, and Smoked Fish that money can buy.

We promise once you learn how to barbecue and smoke meats you will never want to set foot in any Bbq restaurant again. It's not the same or even close to what you will be able to create at home.


Smoking Meats Contests & More

Smoked-Meat contests for the best plated dish. In the past few years we have had some incredible meals created. Some of the contests are based on a theme others are based on a type or cut of meat.

Not only do we get to see some great creativity on some dishes we give away some outstanding prizes too. If you are the winner you get a $50.00 Visa Gift card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and along with that sauces and rubs are given as well. So join up and show us your skills. Promotional Video


We would like to thank Rob from for putting together this video promoting the best BBQ / Smoking meat message board on the net. We should be seeing a promo II soon. So jump on over the the board and join the best BBQ community today, we would love to see your BBQ / Grilling / Sausage Making expertise.